Hello! I'm Qiaochu MU
It is "chow-chew", like something to do with food. With solid technology background, my strength lies in UX design and front-end engineering. Keep scrolling to see my latest work.


  • enjoy learning and hacking
  • code cool websites
  • design and play with Sketch
  • love solving problems for people

Hello! I 'm Qiaochu Mu | 牟翘楚 .

I'm a UX thinker/developer with solid technology background and passion for making joyful and useful things for people. Besides designing and hacking, I am a Guzheng player and a Jazz dancer.

I'm an M.S. HCI student at Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to that, I got a Master of Bioinformatics degree and a B.S. of Automation (EECS) at Tsinghua University. Currently I am seeking full-time UX opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's talk!