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Nielsen Norman Group: E-commerce Research

International E-commerce and B2B Research via Usability Testing, UX Internship at Nielsen Norman Group


UX Research


Internship @ Nielsen Norman Group


5 - 8 / 2017


During my internship at Nielsen Norman Group, I worked on user experience research on international e-commerce websites. Mentored by Jakob Nielsen, I treasured the experience to work as a real UX researcher.

My research is a part of the revisement of the previous e-commerce research at Nielsen Norman Group. During the research, I conducted more than 30 sessions of usability testing (lab setting) on 50 international e-commerce websites in different perspectives of user research. As the goal of the study was to look into the habits of Chinese users when shopping online, I have learned how to pull my hair out of my cultural background and experience as a Chinese e-commerce customer.

The link below will lead you to the report articles on NN/g official website with the study process and findings:

Counterfeit or Credible? UX Design for Authenticity in China


Usability testing (lab setting)


Each step and deliverables are shown below ↓


  • Overall: methodology & justification; process & timeline
  • Test plan: categorization of e-commerce types; usability testing task list; Recruitment differentiation plan
  • Analysis: data collection & analysis plan

Material Preparation

  • For participants: screening questionnaire; introduction, instruction
  • Setting up: lab & device setup


  • Independent recruitment: Screening questionnaires
  • For recruitment company: participants re-check

Usability Testing

  • Notes & Videos
  • Quick finding notes


  • Video coding file
  • Finding generalization

Final Deliverables

  • Article
  • Screenshots with translation

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