CULC Pal is a kiosk application designed for students in Georgia Tech with the goal of enhancing their study space finding experience.


Front End / UX Research / UX Design


HCI Course Project @ Georgia Tech


8 - 12 / 2016

The Clough Undergraduate Learning Center (CULC) is a popular study destination for students in Georgia Tech. The CULC Pal is a kiosk placed in the CULC to assist students who choose to study there find an available spot to work in a shortest amount of time.

As the first semester-long project in HCI @ GaTech, this project equiped me with experience of user research, ideation, UX design and all the way to prototyping. As the only developer, I built an interactive web prototype using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Problem Investigation

#Observations and #Contextual-Inquiries in the target space to study how students use the space and resources within it. #Semi-structured Interviews to understand the thought process of our target users in how they find a seat.

#Affinity Mapping based on the interviews to make clear user's need.

#Hierachy Task Analysis based on the interviews to analysis the task of our target users. Through looking into the current process, we were able to target the pain points.

We created behavioral #Personas / Composite Character Profiles based on the interviews rather than traditional personas. Behavioral personas tell us what our users do and how well they work with the current system to find a studying spot.


After we've understanded the pain points of our target users , we formally started to design to solve the problems. We held two brainstorming session in group and coming up with more than 30 ideas. Then we converged those ideas into three design alternatives.

  1. A kiosk-based installation of heatmap showing activity in the CULC
  2. A mobile APP showing individual availability of spots
  3. A physical tool that navigates you to a spot of your choice


The design decision was made based on feedback from an in-class sprint, and the evaluation of all the dimensions of the three alternatives. Taking the features and constraints of each interesting idea, we picked out the kiosk idea and continue to prototyping and development. The kiosk presented seat information and the function of reservation to the users in a neat and interactive way.


The functional prototype was developed as a responsive webpage, using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The floor map are represented by inline SVGs, created in Sketch. CSS attributes were applied for transitions that will rotate and move the floors. The ‘up’ and ’down’ buttons enable the user to navigate upstairs or downstairs through the different floors of the CULC. The “stack” button leads the user to the overview page, which shows all the floors in the building. The interactions are implemented using JavaScript. JS is also applied to add Event-listener to all the pins.


The project was hosted on Github. Don't forget to try it here !

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