BeatKcal - Diet Helper

BeatKcal is an iOS App that uses an intelligent electronic scale along with AppleWatch to monitor a precise nutrition and exercise log.


Team Leader / UI Design


iHandy Mobile Design Competition @ Tsinghua University


5 - 6 / 2015

Detecting or estimating the weight of food to control daily calorie was extremely difficult according to my own diet experience. Hence, I proposed to obtain a fat loss assistant connected to a portable Bluetooth scale to record calorie intake , and an Apple watch to record calorie consumption.

Competing with mature teams with startup experience, my team was required to complete the entire process from idea creation to product implementation in one month. In this project, I designed the workflow, wireframes and high-fidelity mockups, which won Best User Interface Design Prize (1/12) in iHandy App Design Competition in Tsinghua University.





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